10 Habits of Highly Successful Filmmakers

Achieving Success As A Filmmaker is No Easy Task. It Takes Constant Development and Practice to Master The Art. 


That's Why We've Compiled our Top Ten Habits of Highly Successful Filmmakers. 


10. They Understand That 'Perfection' Doesn't Exist.

While you should work towards perfection, you should also be conscious that perfection is not an achievable objective. Even the finest movies have their flaws. 


9. They Do Their Best To Stay Positive.

Let's face it: you will experience steady negativity as a filmmaker. Sound, lighting, camera ; all of which at any specified time could tick you off. You need to remain positive in order to succeed in your art.


8. They Make Time For Mindfulness

If you want to be 100% Ready For Everything Coming Your Way, achieving some sort of mindfulness is 100% necessary. This Can Be Attained Through Meditation, Physical Exercise, Or Running Frantically Through Your Set. 


7. They Surround Themselves With The Right People.

It's All About Who You Know, right? Absolutely. That's why successful filmmakers & successful people in general surround themselves with the right type of friends. 


6. They Stop Making Excuses.

As a kid, your parents informed you this and it also holds up your career choices. Excuses have never taken anybody anywhere. 


5. They Write & Read (A Lot)

To do this, you don't have to be a writer. A key thing about practicing your reading and writing abilities is that you will be fluent in any representations or explanations you provide for your movie, screenplay or any other craft of yours. 


4. They Aren't Afraid of Rejection.

Rejection will come at you all throughout life. The important thing is that you let it shape you into someone stronger. If someone denies your work there's 2 things you can do: 

  1. You take it personally & refuse to show anyone your film ever again.
  2. You take a second look at it, scanning for things you can do better the second time around.


3. They Keep Revising Their Work

This sort of thing continues with number 4. They are constantly revising and revising rather than letting criticism destroy their job. The Godfather wasn't filmed in one take, nor is your movie going to. 


2. They Study The Best of The Best.

You understand who the masters are if you're a committed filmmaker. Scorcese, Kubrick, Anderson, Tarentino: they all understood this before making their greatest works. 


1. They Are Patient.

PATIENCE, last but not least. For almost every field to ever exist, this is essential. You'll accomplish nothing but impractical expectations if you're not patient. What was your mom's old saying... Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

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