5 Struggles Only Filmmakers Will Understand

Film isn't exactly the easiest thing.. 

OK, It can actually be extremely difficult. 

But this is excellent news! The finest art is challenging. 

These dilemmas have been met by all the greats, which is why we compiled our list for the top 5 struggles that only filmmakers will understand. 


5. The Perfection Obsession

As you sit in your directors chair watching your movie unfold you have a slight epiphany... 

This isn't what you had pictured.

You begin obsessing with costume design and find yourself yelling at the extras and banging your head against the wall. 


4. The "Stigma"

Telling your family you're pursuing film might not be the easiest task.. like at all.

While your only passion may be film, friends and family may not see it the same way you do. 

In which case you must reassure them that you are a master of the craft and should be treated like royalty.


3. The Domino Effect

You know this better than anyone else if you've been on a film set for hours and hours. The domino effect starts with one problem emerging... Then another... Then another...

Essentially, one negative will constantly turn into another, and another, until your film set & mental state are obliterated 


2. Self Doubt

Self doubt is one of the most common struggles faced among artists all across the world. 

Regardless of what friends or family think, if YOU don't believe in yourself or your craft, then essentially you will slip.

That's why you must constantly reassure yourself that you are capable of being the next Stanley Kubrick... or Michael Bay...


1. Post Production

Let's pretend you haven't faced any of the previous challenges. You had ZERO writers block. You had ZERO problems on your set. 

Now you take your unfinished film to the editing room, only to someone pick apart your scenes piece by piece until you find yourself chewing your last finger nail off. 

This one is like watching someone else play with your puppy for an entire 3 months. 

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