Jeremy Sumpter

Renowned for his leading roles in Peter Pan, Frailty, Into The Storm and much more, Jeremy has lead a sensational career in entertainment. 

He began his career in Kentucky as a model and later went on to study acting in LA. We had the opportunity to talk to Jeremy about his personal life, inspirations and tips for young performers and actresses.

Something many of your fans might not know about you is that you were originally raised in Kentucky. When your family decided to move out to LA, when did it hit you that you wanted to become an actor?


My father heard about a talent competition on the radio and I was chosen to compete in Los Angeles. It was a lot of fun and I decided I wanted to become an actor. I signed with a personal manager and my father and I moved to Los Angeles.

Tell us how you landed your first role as a young Matthew McConaughey in Bill Paxton’s 2001 film, Frailty.


I auditioned for the role and kept getting called back until I finally was cast in the movie. Bill Paxton and “Twister” had been favorites of mine. I was thrilled that Bill Paxton was the director of my first film. It was also the first film he directed.

There's no denying that we all get some strong nostalgia from your performance as Peter Pan in the 2003 blockbuster film. Was there any intense training or preparation that you had to go through before you got the gig?


I trained in Los Angeles on different circus rigs and learned how to be launched and land. When I arrived in Australia, I was trained in fencing and learned wire work and blue screen work. We also used the rigs that had been used in the Matrix.

Which of your on-screen roles do you hold as your favorite and why?


Of course “Peter Pan” is my favorite because for a year I was able to fly around the studio on wires and fight pirates. It was an amazing experience.

Are there any particular filmmakers or films that have inspired you throughout your career thus far?


There are so many great films but I really love “The Deer Hunter,” “Unforgiven” and “Braveheart.”

Many of our readers are filmmakers and writers who have just began their journey into the film industry. If you had to shed some guidance on their first steps, what would they be?


It is important to network and meet other filmmakers and you need to be persistent. You never know when or where your break will come from.

Jeremy, thanks for setting the time to speak with us. Are there some future roles in the works that we could expect to see soon?


My film “The Legend of 5 Mile Cave” has recently been released and is available. My film, “Sargasso” will be released soon. Thank you!