Macoproject V.S. Kevin Farley

With more than 100 credits to your name, you have without question made a kean impact on the film & television industry. As a business graduate from Marquette University, what made you want to pursue entertainment?

I went into entertainment primarily because of my brother. He went to second city and I followed. I got my masters in marketing from a small college in Madison called Edgewood College. I became disillusioned with advertising and marketing so looked to the arts. Focusing on comedy. I have never regretted my decision.

Your iconic TV appearances span all the way from Nickelodeon to HBO to Netflix. Which of your roles do you hold as your favourite & why?

I really loved my time in the fictitious boy band 2gether. It ran on MTV in 2000/2001. Just had a blast doing that show.  

Your recently co-produced film, Chris Farley - Anything for a laugh sheds light on your brother through his unforgettable rise to fame. The films also digs deep on the challenges that he faced later on which some fans may not have been aware of. How should the audience walk away from a film like this?

I just hope people get a better idea of his uniqueness and how he struggled with his demons.

Netflix’s F is For Family dials us back to the 1970s through the eyes of animation. When you first started as a cast member on the hit series, were you aware of the show's potential and the notoriety it would go onto receive?

I knew this show would be a hit right from the start. I love the risks it takes and hope it goes forever. 

Are there any particular filmmakers or films that have inspired you throughout your career thus far?

I’ve always admired Adam Sandler and what he’s done with his career. He’s a friend of mine and I admire his work ethic.

Aside from film and television, your comedic influence has brought you to iconic gigs such as Second City, Laugh Factory, & more. With this, there’s been lots of debate on what comedians should and shouldn’t say on the stage. Do you believe there's a risk that comedians take when performing some of their more sensitive material amidst a constant heated political climate?

Comedy is always funny if it’s true. Politics isn’t always the truth. Ignore politics and seek truth. That’s where comedy lives. 

Some of our readers are filmmakers and writers who have just began their journey into the industry. If you had to give a little bit of advice on the first steps, what would they be?

Grow a super thick skin. Don’t take anything personal. Keep moving forward.

Are they any future projects in the works that we could expect to see soon?

I’ll be doing more F is for Family and touring my comedy act. As well as my Podcast. 

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