Sean Flynn

Enthusiastic, Elegant, Earnest. 

If you were a Nickelodian Fan 

before 2010, Sean Flynn played a key role in your childhood.

Read below as we get to know Sean a little better.

     Some of your fans may not know this but your grandfather Errol Flynn was a massive star in the golden age of Hollywood.
What influence did his career have on you growing up? 


  His impact on me has been completely unavoidable, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Grew up watching all his movies, I’ll never forget the first time I saw the adventures of Robin Hood, and how magical it was. It still holds up to this day. In my teenage years archery and tennis would become a big part of my life. Both some of Errol’s favorite hobbies, and I can’t help but think that my decision to pursue them was largely owed to him. 

     You did a couple of smaller roles 10 years prior to landing Zoey 101. At what point during your child acting career did you realize you wanted a starring role? 


     To be honest, I never really thought about it in that context. Each role I auditioned for was like it’s own puzzle that required a solution. And as I got older those puzzles continued to become more and more challenging. That has always been a huge part of what makes acting fun for me. 

    Speaking of Zoey 101, where did you guys actually film PCA? It was pretty much impossible not to be jealous of you guys. 


   Zoey 101 was filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. A college which is widely considered, and consistently voted as one of the most beautiful Campus’ in the country. So it’s no surprise one might feel that way 😎 .

Do you still have a relationship with Dan Schneider or anyone from the original cast? That short reunion you guys released a few years back was absolutely hilarious.


     Yes! I’m so happy to say that I have a wonderful relationship with Dan, and the rest of the cast (thanks mostly to our most recent reunion). When we were growing up, filming that show, some of us still didn’t even have cell phones... Yeah. Hard to imagine it was that long ago, but it was. All that has changed now, we even have a group chat called “PCA alumni” 

    Did you ever get into social media or is it something you just don’t find appealing? 


    Ahhh, Social media. The short answer is, no. I’m trying though!! Especially after this most recent reunion, my followers went up a lot. I feel like I owe it them to have more of a presence on social media now, I just need to post more. I’m getting better about it .

Are there any particular filmmakers or films that have inspired you throughout your career thus far? 


    ‘Back to the future’ has always been my favorite movie, I love literally everything about it. The Coen Brothers are obviously incredible, and ‘No Country for Old Men’ is another one of my favorites. It’s captivating for so many reasons. George Miller is incredible. I mean, who else could direct ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, AND ‘Happy Feet’..? Only George Miller. 

What advice would you offer to a young actor just starting their journey into the industry? 


    I think there are three factors that lead to becoming a successful actor, and at least two of those must be in play for it all to work. They are: Talent (skill), persistence (determination), and luck (being at the right place at the right time). If one is talented, persistent, and lucky... there’s almost no question that they will succeed as an actor, given enough time. But any two combinations of those three, whether it be “skill + persistence”, or “luck + skill”, or even “persistence + luck”, will most likely result in success (again, given enough time). 

General advice: Read out loud. Watch people. Closely. Think about why people do what they do, how intentions manifest into action. Never stop studying the world around you.